Fitness Throwdown I: Pilates vs. Crossfit

On the fitness system spectrum, Pilates and CrossFit appear to stand on completely opposite ends. Here you have Pilates, born in a WWI internment camp to help prisoners regain and maintain their health even while cot-ridden, now fully grown into a pathway to integrated wellbeing that suits pro athletes as well as post-op patients. Now […]

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A Rising Young Star: Sarah Shaw’s Dynamic Fitness Story

Sarah Shaw has been training at Dynamic Fitness over the past year and a half to build more core strength on her path to becoming a professional ballerina. With her own background as a ballerina, Dynamic Fitness' owner Kathy Boivin has been working the method with Sarah to enhance the strengths that Kathy knows, as a former dancer, Sarah particularly needs.We're so proud that Sarah has been selected for the summer training program at the oldest ballet school in America, the San Francisco Ballet, which is affiliated with one of America's top companies. We invited Sarah to share her Pilates story and the exciting future she has ahead.

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What Is the Most Essential Pilates Apparatus?

Lately we've been talking a lot about apparatus in the Dynamic Fitness blog -- the cornerstones of the classical Pilates studio, accessories to amplify your practice, and even some crazy gadgets that never made it off the drawing board -- but it's time that we acknowledge the single most important apparatus in the whole Pilates method.

It doesn't demand an expensive purchase or a lot of extra workout space. It's completely portable and even washable (although we don't recommend dry cleaning). It's used in every single Pilates exercise, from footwork to breathwork and everything in between. Figured it out yet? ... It's your body.

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