The Resilience of Pilates over the COVID-19 Pandemic

One thing that all Pilates students can agree on, is that the positive effects of a consistent practice adds much to their overall physical wellness and emotional resilience. Because of this, a student’s desire to continue practicing no matter what is happening in his or her life and around the country is always front and center. Seeing as how the world stopped abruptly in March of 2020, and has been slow to revive since, it wouldn’t have been surprising if most Pilates studios had to shut their doors, never to reopen. However, it is because of this outlook belonging to Pilates students that the doors have been kept open at Dynamic Fitness. 

Pilates Students Keep the Focus on Being Healthy

At the start of the pandemic, things were certainly in a flux of uncertainty, but technology quickly came to the rescue. Students welcomed remote classes and class replays just to ensure they were able to continue their practice during the most trying of times. Even in a virtual setting, students could focus on their physical health, which greatly contributed to the balance in their mental health. 

Once there was some settling down of the pandemic, in-person practices returned, but not without some caveats. Most studios required masks to be worn since it would be difficult to keep the suggested distance, yet Pilates students seemed more than willing to follow the rules, knowing that the low-impact aspect of the workout would not hinder their breathing while wearing a mask. Some studios, depending on the time of year and location, were even able to provide outdoor classes, which allowed for more space and removal of the masks. 

Pilates Offers a Healthy Mindset when Facing Pandemic Challenges

When it comes to studio protocols and strict cleaning standards, there were still no hurdles to be found. Most students had no issue with volunteering their vaccination status, allowing studios to act appropriately per session. From disinfecting all surfaces between each private session and class, to arranging sessions according to the needs of the students, and tracking the local hospital stats to ensure adjustments are made when necessary, Dynamic Fitness has stayed ahead of the curve and proved that the resilience of Pilates over COVID-19 continues. Read more about the steps taken by our studio in response to the Pandemic or contact us today for more information via the contact form below!

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    Pilates Mythbusters: It's Just a Core Workout It's impossible to call Pilates a "fad" -- the fitness method developed over the course of the last century, and founder Joseph Pilates left a lasting legacy. With attitudes in a holistic approach to fitness continually on the rise, Pilates shows no sign of becoming a passing craze, either. However, Pilates' popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and with anything that's so widely practiced, taught and talked about, a few misconceptions are bound to surface. In a five-part "mythbusters" series, we're going to examine the most common ways in which people get the wrong idea about Pilates.Myth #1: Pilates is nothing but an abdominal workout.The first myth on the busting block is one that's probably grounded in the most truth. It's well known that practicing Pilates is a sure-fire way to get killer abs. However, the method goes deeper than that. Literally. Pilates exercises reach down to the deepest muscles in the abdominal core which Joe referred to as the "power house." These aren't necessarily cosmetic muscles, but they work in tandem with other large muscle groups in the back and pelvis. Not only key to an athletic physique, they affect the body's whole range of motion, stability and protection from injury. Toned arms and sculpted legs are definitely desirable, but they aren't as effective when isolated from the core. Pilates is inherently an integrative method. Develop a strong core, and that strength is ultimately distributed throughout the entire body. Speaking of integration, let's not forget the mental side of a Pilates workout. Joseph Pilates firmly believed that physical health and mental health are interdependent. The Pilates principles of concentration and precision require your brain to work just as hard as your muscles. This enhances "body awareness," one's basic ability to function in the physical world. This is a result of connections forged between mind and body as one controls and coordinates the breath with the graceful, yet powerful movements that are the hallmark of Pilates training.