Welcome to the Original Pilates Studio in Sarasota Since 1994.

Our Pilates studio feels like an extended family to us. Occasionally, we capture these moments which reflect the spirit and energy that we believe makes our studio so unique.

Why Choose Our Studio?

Dynamic Fitness, Inc. introduced Sarasota to the classical method of Pilates over 20 years ago and we are proud to maintain our place as the premier Pilates studio in the area.
Our spacious studio is fully equipped with the traditional Pilates apparatus and we are the only studio in Sarasota that can have multiple clients and workouts simultaneously.
Our instructors are NYC trained and have completed 600 hours of education and formal testing in order to achieve certification as Pilates instructors.


Blog Corner

Fitness Safety Through Pilates

Those of us who practice Pilates understand the health advantages, but what about safety advantages in other forms of exercise? A sound knowledge of Pilates can allow for increased safety in most other fitness endeavors.

Pilates and Balance

Pilates offers more than just a way to get in shape; when it comes to overall health and balance, Pilates allows for better overall coordination and may reduce the risk of falls for those in advanced age or battling vestibular conditions.


  • I feel more flexible, stronger. My body is more toned and defined in the places that I've always wanted ..and my posture has improved also.

    W.C. - Female; Age: 18
  • My muscles are much stronger and less bulky. Pilates has helped my tennis and golf games tremendously. It has helped my neck problems. I feel tone, healthy and look much better in my clothes.

    A.D. - Female; Age: 20's
  • Better posture, stronger muscles, tighter physique.

    B.G. - Female; Age: 20's

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Welcome to the Original Pilates Studio in Sarasota since 1994.
Please note that for Health Safety Concerns we are not having group classes
and are currently only offering Private Lessons.