Why Should You Choose Dynamic Fitness for Pilates in Sarasota?

If you’re new to the Sarasota area, or if you are a local who just so happens to be new to Pilates, you might wonder where the best place is to practice Pilates. We might happen to be a little biased, but there’s no better place in town to experience the true, classical style of Pilates than Dynamic Fitness. There are numerous Pilates studios nearby, some offering more modern styles and others offering hybrid programming, but Dynamic Fitness is the only studio that has been teaching the classical method in Sarasota since 1994. Here are a few things to know about us!

We are Sarasota’s Original Pilates Studio

Owner and operator Kathryn Dandois-Boivin began her career as a prima ballerina with the Sarasota Ballet, and though she performed all over, Sarasota was her home. Shortly after moving to Sarasota, Kathryn became Pilates certified by none other than Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates heir-apparent, and opened Dynamic Fitness. Unlike most other studios in Sarasota, we can say that Dynamic Fitness has had 30 successful years of continuous classical programming.

Fully Outfitted and Operational

Our studio is equipped with all the Pilates apparatus one could need, and is large enough to accommodate multiple clients simultaneously. From the Reformer to the Cadillac, and the Barrel to the Wundra Chair, all of the classical equipment is available to our students. With multiples of all apparatus, multiple clients can work simultaneously, allowing for small group instruction as well as private sessions.

High Quality Instructors

If reading about Kathy hasn’t already sealed the deal, know that our instructors have completed 600 hours of education and formal testing in order to achieve certification as Pilates instructors. This means that they have been fully educated on all Pilates exercises and apparatus, and have established a solid foundation on which to teach and help their students. Continuing education is encouraged and expected of our instructors, in order to stay on top of all programming needs.

Throughout the years we have discussed the benefits of Pilates and why it should be practiced by people of all ages and abilities – click through our blogs and read the many dedicated topics. When it comes down to it, Dynamic Fitness is the preeminent classical Pilates studio in Sarasota, and has been for all of its 30 years. But don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say! Once you’re ready to start your classical Pilates journey, send us a message to set up your first session.

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Pilates Mythbusters: It's Just a Core Workout It's impossible to call Pilates a "fad" -- the fitness method developed over the course of the last century, and founder Joseph Pilates left a lasting legacy. With attitudes in a holistic approach to fitness continually on the rise, Pilates shows no sign of becoming a passing craze, either. However, Pilates' popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and with anything that's so widely practiced, taught and talked about, a few misconceptions are bound to surface. In a five-part "mythbusters" series, we're going to examine the most common ways in which people get the wrong idea about Pilates.Myth #1: Pilates is nothing but an abdominal workout.The first myth on the busting block is one that's probably grounded in the most truth. It's well known that practicing Pilates is a sure-fire way to get killer abs. However, the method goes deeper than that. Literally. Pilates exercises reach down to the deepest muscles in the abdominal core which Joe referred to as the "power house." These aren't necessarily cosmetic muscles, but they work in tandem with other large muscle groups in the back and pelvis. Not only key to an athletic physique, they affect the body's whole range of motion, stability and protection from injury. Toned arms and sculpted legs are definitely desirable, but they aren't as effective when isolated from the core. Pilates is inherently an integrative method. Develop a strong core, and that strength is ultimately distributed throughout the entire body. Speaking of integration, let's not forget the mental side of a Pilates workout. Joseph Pilates firmly believed that physical health and mental health are interdependent. The Pilates principles of concentration and precision require your brain to work just as hard as your muscles. This enhances "body awareness," one's basic ability to function in the physical world. This is a result of connections forged between mind and body as one controls and coordinates the breath with the graceful, yet powerful movements that are the hallmark of Pilates training.