Pilates: The One-on-One Cycle

The very definition of the word relationship is about connection between two or more people, concepts, or objects. When it comes to any aspect of one’s life, almost everything can be broken down into the ideas of relationships. When it comes to Pilates specifically, the relationship between you and your instructor is the most important tenet of your base experience and understanding of Pilates, and it will continue to influence your practice throughout time. This one-on-one relationship is what we dive into exploring and discussing today.

The Value of One-on-One Training

Any experience one can have with individualized training will help grow your understanding exponentially. When starting a workout regimen, it can be very confusing or disorienting for someone who doesn’t already have a base knowledge of general nutrition and exercise. To fully understand the connection between certain exercises and their effects on the body requires some anatomy and physiology knowledge, so starting blindly can put someone on the path of failure before they even begin. When an instructor is there to connect the dots, even for those who do have a base understanding, the brain will recognize the benefits and generate a foundation that encourages the student and sets them on a path to success. 

The One-on-One Cycle

At the start of any Pilates training, all students are shown the same basic positions and exercises, which allows for ease of learning and building that great foundation of Pilates knowledge. While this might seem antithetical to the point of our discussion, it does allow for a wider base of experience to evolve from the training. As classes continue, the instructor will work with each individual student to find the proper adjustments needed specifically for their situation or ailments or body types. There is not one body that is the same exact match for another, and therefore every student must be able to find their own path in Pilates. A great instructor will be there to assist in finding each student’s path.

Who are the “Typical” Pilates Clientele?

While anyone and everyone can benefit from Pilates, no matter their age, body type, or medical needs, most students come to Pilates once they reach an age over forty years and have found that other forms of exercise do not offer the same level of safety from getting hurt that Pilates offers. That’s not to say no one could get hurt while doing Pilates, but the chance is less and a much rarer occurrence than at a typical gym. The Pilates style finds the appropriate ways for each individual to reach their goals, not a “no pain, no gain” situation or “one size fits all” type of training. Though many under forty may not notice how their bodies are responding to the harsh world of regular workouts, most over forty will notice, which leads them to wanting something less jarring. 

Advantages of ‘Beyond Beginner”

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the expectations for beginner students, as well as the intermediate and advanced levels of study. If a student practices Pilates on a weekly basis for three months, then they are considered beyond the beginner level. Once this is achieved, there are options to help further their education and experience:

    1. Semi-private training offers training with another person(s) at the same level. This allows for more individual attention than in a group class, but can be motivational to workout with a fellow student, not to mention more affordable.
    2. Group classes offer a more social environment that can also be more affordable. If the student is past the beginner stage, then having the sole focus of the instructor is not a necessity, allowing the chance to add more dynamic movement.
    3. Solo training will always be available to intermediate through advanced levels,  but “solo” in this situation means without the instructor. At this point, the student already understands the fundamentals and can transition fluidly between positions with minimal interruptions.


In short, the idea of one-on-one training is emphatically encouraged throughout a student’s entire Pilates education. The advantages are numerous, ranging from the focus on a student’s individual needs to their excelling to an advanced level. Contact us today and get signed up for your first session!*



*In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Pilates-Sarasota has closed its doors to in-person sessions. Check back soon for information on virtual classes, or even the reopening to individual sessions.

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