Pilates – Expectations

When anyone is trying a new workout to see how it will fit with their daily schedule, one of the first things they should understand is the expectations. What do they expect to get from this routine? What are the expected results? What should they expect to focus their energy on in regards to the challenges? Our expectations can sometimes outweigh the experience and initial results, which can lead us down the path of discouragement and disappointment. But that doesn’t have to be the case if we set achievable expectations. When it comes to Pilates, what should a beginner expect and how does it evolve into the next level?

Expectations of Beginners

When a student begins their Pilates training, they should expect to spend much of their time learning the fundamentals, which will allow them greater success as they evolve into advanced levels. First, it is important to build up control, awareness, and the correct muscle engagement for the intended position. Stabilization and breathing, in conjunction with preparing for the upcoming movement, is imperative to advancement. Understanding where the pelvic placement is and being able to adjust according to instruction, as well as realizing proper positioning and spine lengthening in support of the body while moving between postures, is also to be expected in the early stages. These fundamentals are key to creating a quality basis to continue Pilates training. After some experience with Pilates, a student will begin to naturally connect breath and movement, while maintaining stable pelvic positions and control on the equipment.

Expectations of Intermediate

By this point, a student will recognize exercises by name and their corresponding equipment, and due to naturally connecting their breathing and movement, they will be able to work at a quicker pace without a need for direction from the instructor. A student at this level will also understand how their bodies will respond and can modify exercises if necessary. Because of the fundamentals learned previously, an intermediate student can also incorporate dynamic movement, flowing through transitions with safety and more complex positioning. They also know the proper order of classical positions, and, therefore, can complete their workout with minimal interruption.

Expectations of Advanced

We will go into more depth of what an advanced student can achieve in our next blog, but here are a few things one can expect when at the advanced level: the ability to flow through a controlled and efficient workout, even when variations are requested by the instructor. An advanced student can activate muscles on demand and adjust positioning while on an unstable surface without assistance, and many at this level even become instructors themselves.

Becoming an advanced Pilates student does not occur unless the fundamentals are second nature; one does not exist without the other. Pilates is a deliberate and specific exercise regimen that requires dedication and discipline, but once the fundamentals are set, it can become the most thorough and inspiring workout for all body types and physical needs. Call us today and see if Pilates is the right fit for you!

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    The "Return to Life": Pilates after an Injury Recently the studio has received a lot of inquiries from people who are at their wits' end with fitness: "Nothing works." "I'm in pain every day." "I've tried everything I can think of.""Will Pilates help me?"For someone who suffers an injury or undergoes an operation, rehabilitating the body is critical to the healing process, which is still ongoing after physical therapy concludes. We meet many people who have been signed off as "all better" by their healthcare providers, but now are unsure what the next step is. The fact is, they don't feel all better. There's still a lot of work to be done. But after physical therapy, getting a gym membership isn't a solution. A lot of these people are wondering, "Where can I go?"We're so glad you asked! At Dynamic Fitness, we understand that someone recovering from an injury or surgery needs an exercise regimen that is careful, personal, and adaptable. A classical Pilates studio provides just such an environment. It's important that your physician has first cleared you for exercise before beginning a Pilates regimen. At Dynamic Fitness, we can only start working with new clients who are recuperating from surgery or an injury once their doctors can recommend physical exercise. Once you've passed this milestone, however, you're ready to discover a fitness method that can be just as gentle and safe as it is effective. The classical Pilates method includes over 300 motions, and this already broad vocabulary has the potential to explode when you work with an experienced, certified instructor. The instructors at Dynamic Fitness are deeply knowledgeable about modifications to each exercise that can accommodate the places that are still healing, while you continue to reap the benefits of a full-body workout.The Pilates apparatus are also designed for accessibility and refined control. Take, for example, the springs of the Reformer and Tower, with different weights to support or challenge the muscles depending on your needs. You can also get a lot of work done on the Cadillac, which in many ways resembles a traditional physical therapy or massage table. It's just the right height to make mounting and dismounting easy, and you can work out the entire body on its strong, stable frame. When you're going through physical rehab, all your energy and focus goes to the part of the body that you're trying to fix. In Pilates, we don't focus on the problem. Instead, we work with you to condition the body whole. Instead of thinking in terms of what is broken, we think in terms of what really works. Our clients tell us this makes a dramatic difference in achieving physical restoration and a feeling of radiant wellbeing.Have you reached your wits' end with fitness? Don't give up! Call or email Dynamic Fitness to discuss the challenges you're currently facing, and learn more about the power of Pilates to restore your body and rejuvenate your life.Contact us: https://www.pilates-sarasota.com/contact