Pilates Mythbusters: Pilates Is for Wimps

We’re almost halfway through dispelling some of the most common misconceptions about the Pilates method. Now that we’re clear on the fact that Pilates works out more than just the abdominal core, and that it’s not just a women’s workout, let’s get another thing straight:

Myth #3: The Pilates method is not a challenging workout.

Pilates provides a workout in which anyone can participate. It’s accessible by people in physical rehabilitation, by mothers-to-be and by the widest spectrum of age groups. This does not mean, however, that Pilates can’t challenge, for instance, a marathon runner or a bodybuilder as well.

Many practitioners of the Pilates method feel they get a meditative experience while working out. That comes from the focus placed on conscious breath control and fluid movement. The method embraces moving with flow and an outwardly dynamic energy while performing the exercises.

At times the qualities characteristic of the Pilates method may appear relaxed on the surface, but they are actually rooted in rigorous principles of muscular control and precision of motion. With intense mental concentration, each exercise activates every fiber of the muscles down to the deepest tissues, working in synergy to produce a perfectly engineered and highly effective workout.

Seemingly simple modifications-for instance, placing a hand behind your head during side leg kicks, or hovering the legs close to the floor in mat exercises on your back-use your own body for leverage and make your muscles work harder. If you like a challenge, our trainers understand how to deepen your workout to push you to new levels of strength, endurance and flexibility.

Let’s remember that in the big picture, Pilates is a complete method of body conditioning.

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