What Is the Most Essential Pilates Apparatus?

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about apparatus in the Dynamic Fitness blog — the cornerstones of the classical Pilates studio, accessories to amplify your practice, and even some crazy gadgets that never made it off the drawing board — but it’s time that we acknowledge the single most important apparatus in the whole Pilates method.

It doesn’t demand an expensive purchase or a lot of extra workout space. It’s completely portable and even washable (although we don’t recommend dry cleaning). It’s used in every single Pilates exercise, from footwork to breathwork and everything in between. Figured it out yet? … It’s your body.

Perhaps this is best exemplified in the famous Pilates “mat class,” which in some studios takes the spotlight over the apparatus themselves. Pilatesology (https://pilatesology.com), one of our favorite wellsprings of Pilates knowledge, describes mat-work as “the purest form of Pilates,” since it was developed by founder Joseph Pilates long before the Cadillac and Reformer emerged from his imagination.

Stretched out on the mat, you feel gravity’s full effects on every muscle in your body. Using the weight of your own limbs to work against a literal force of nature helps your muscles develop strength holistically. That is, you’re not focused on “shredding” vanity muscles; instead, your muscle groups work together in an integrated way. When you raise your arms or extend the legs, you’re training the deep muscles that align the spine. And of course, every exercise goes back to the core, with an intent focus on quality of movement over quantity of motions.

Yes, the mechanical apparatus get a lot of attention, and that’s because they are pretty amazing examples of fitness design. Joseph Pilates developed most of them specifically for his method, and they’ve remained virtually unchanged for 80 years or so. At Dynamic Fitness, our goal is to offer the Sarasota community an unparalleled resource for classical Pilates. To that end, we have developed a studio space that showcases the apparatus, and our instructors are certified with hundreds of hours of training in how to use these machines at every experience level and for each unique body. But the Pilates method is not all about machines. Let’s not forget that they have no motors or electrical parts; the energy to put them in motion comes from you!

Maybe you’re curious about Pilates, but aren’t sure about how a Reformer would ever fit in your living room. Maybe you already train regularly in a Pilates studio, but you’re starting to feel like once a week just isn’t enough. Rest assured that wherever you go, Pilates will go with you. Our instructors can work with you one-on-one to develop an exercise routine tailored to your needs that you can practice at home, in your favorite gym, or on the beach. Contact us to schedule a private session and discover that the Pilates environment is all around you.

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