#LivingBetterWithPilates: Dynamic Fitness Invites You to Share Your Story

Do you know why Joseph Pilates created his revolutionary fitness system more than seven decades ago? It wasn’t to transform Pilates students into Olympic athletes. It wasn’t to start a new exercise fad. It wasn’t even to make Joe rich and famous!

The Pilates system was developed to help you live better in your body. Whatever it is you love to do, you do it better thanks to training in Pilates.

At Dynamic Fitness, we believe classical Pilates is the most widely accessible and effective path to physical fitness and integrated wellbeing. It is our instructors’ greatest joy to see each client progress on their individual journey to, as Joe said, “the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” In the Dynamic Fitness blog we’ve discussed and shared at length the benefits of classical Pilates training. But now we want to hear from you, our Dynamic Fitness family: How has Pilates helped you live better in your body?

  • Do you notice differences in how your body feels in everyday activities?
  • Have you felt changes in your energy or stamina?
  • Has Pilates helped you recondition an injury or physical impediment?
  • … And how about that breathing?

We warmly invite you to share your stories of living better in your body through Pilates in the following ways.

We would love to feature your stories in the Dynamic Fitness blog (with your permission, of course), and hope to continue to show the world the many ways of living better with Pilates.

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