Practitioners of Pilates know very well the advantages associated with the exercise when combined with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Not only can Pilates promote strength and balanced muscle development, but since it can be tailored to an individual’s needs, it can be the perfect accomplice to other aerobic workouts for those with high blood pressure or cholesterol. But what about general safety when performing other sports or exercises? Does Pilates offer any other advantages in the realm of safety in performance?

Six years ago, we mentioned in a “Mythbusters” blog that “Pilates exercises reach down to the deepest muscles in the abdominal core… These aren’t necessarily cosmetic muscles, but they work in tandem with other large muscle groups in the back and pelvis. Not only key to an athletic physique, they affect the body’s whole range of motion, stability and protection from injury.” So, the answer is a resounding YES! Disciplined athletes, from LeBron James to Olympic diver David Boudia, have taken what they learn in the Pilates studio into their sport. Building core strength, aligning the spine, enhancing balance and stability, preventing injuries, and rehabilitating injuries are just a few things that Pilates offers when combined with other daily exercises. Most professional leagues include Pilates in their strength and conditioning programs, pointing toward faster recovery times and less pain when performing, as well as higher concentration and focus on proper movements and positioning to lessen the chance of injury in all facets of their work.

Whether you’re a golfer, an equestrian, a runner, a pro-football player, or Johnny from down the street, Pilates will allow you to gain a stronger sense of your body and the space around it. This will help you strengthen your core, increase your agility, and give you the ability to perform at a higher level, both physically and mentally. Why not try incorporating Pilates into your daily regimen? Contact Dynamic Fitness today and schedule your first session!

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