The jump board as an ending to a Pilates reformer workout is coming into the spotlight as some very effective cardio to compliment a traditional session. For too long the jump board was reserved for dancers and athletes who need the jumping action in their performances. No longer true….it is now used regularly for most of the experienced Pilates clients.

The origin of this interesting piece has roots from the NASA space program. When they presented a prototype in 1988 in Wee Tai Horn’s studio, they were working on the effects of weightlessness in space and how astronauts could simulate their movements in space. NASA used the existing Pilates reformer with its spring based design as a prototype. After the study Gratz Design (the original Pilates equipment company) took the board design idea and fit it to the classical reformer.

The workout which is done supine allows the client to perform jump combinations with minimum impact and lots of strength and cardio benefits. The best part is that it is a very exhilarating way to end a session on a very high note! Our clients absolutely love doing it and many never have experienced the work out one gets from this repetitive jumping action.